Delivering a flexible API set offering access to all solutions and their related features and functionality. Insurance companies and third-party partners can generate and use a standard OAuth 2.0 token to authenticate the API and trigger processing events to make requests using JSON payloads that support webhook responses.

LossExpress is changing that.

Functionality Without Friction

xAPI by LossExpress™ opens the door for customer integration efficiencies and third-party innovations to harness to full processing power of our total loss automations and records retrieval solutions, delivering increased possibilities with fewer limits.

One xAPI to Rule All Solutions

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Base automation platform offering:
   - Loss Initiation (Lienholder FNOL)
   - Loan/Lease Account Detail
   - Guarantee of Title (LOG)
   - Settlement Adjudication
   - Lien Payment Detail
   - Imbedded Communication (Chat)
   - Accelerated Settlement (xLOG)
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Enhanced records retrieval offering:
   - Title Ownership Detail
   - Title Release Status
   - Lien Release Confirmation
   - Retail Installment Contract
   - Lease Agreement
   - Bill of Sale
   - Payment History
   - Repossession affidavit
   - Affiliation Certificate
   - Payment status
   - GAP Support
   - And More...
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(coming soon)

Title Procurement automation for total loss vehicles offering streamlined acquisition and processing of titles between insurance companies, vehicle owners and regulatory bodies
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(coming soon)

Streamlining payoff and settlement payments to Lienholders to reduce cycle time and expense by eliminating paper checks and handling, while accelerating title release and closing claims faster

Solving Problems. Together.

As an industry leader in lien and title release for auto total loss claims, industry service providers look to us for partnerships to solve problems more effectively and expeditiously. Taking an ecosystem-centric approach with a goal of moving the industry forward together, we in turn deliver our world-class automation solutions to the industry faster and more efficiently.

Interested in accelerating Lien and Title Releases?