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Simplified Lienholder Payments

Making the complex, simple - we are on a mission to streamline the lienholder payment process once and for all, which stands to improve cycle times, reduce manual efforts, eliminate short-pays, create cost savings and drive faster title releases

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Take the complexity out of leinholder payments

Auto accidents are undoubtedly traumatic for everyone, but when a vehicle with a loan is deemed a ‘total loss’, the situation quickly becomes even more complex, but it doesn’t have to be.

Better Payments = Faster Titles

xPay by LossExpress™ supports lienholder payment needs at every turn and nuance, and all on a digital highway. Reduce cycle time and expense by eliminating paper checks and handling, while expediting title release and closing claims faster.

Making Complex, Simple

All lienholders in the United States. Access to over 80 million vehicle titles and ownership records. Supporting payments for all vehicle and asset types, including motorcycles, powersports, watercraft, motorhomes and RVs, ag/farm equipment, semi-trucks, trailers, motors, heavy equipment, speciality and more.

Streamlined into one centralized, low to no-touch payment process, xPay stands to deliver improved results for insurance companies and enhanced experiences for their insureds.

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available lienholders to process payments


available vehicle titles and ownership records


support for vehicle and asset types (including non-titled)


accessible and available online

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